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Inspirit Development + Construction is a non-union Construction Management and General Contracting firm equipped to perform at the highest level of excellence. We are unique to the field in every facet of our productivity.                    
Our scope spans the gamut of luxury residential (high-rise and townhouse), commercial real estate, and restaurants. With a strong focus on high end residential, we are adept with maneuvering a site, knowing the vital importance of little to no infringement upon neighbors and building management. Time, value of money, and the process of constructing a “home”, "office", or mixed use space that are both durable, and prestigious in quality, are the pinnacles of our mission. Whether you aim to build at two hundred dollars per square foot, ten thousand dollars per square foot, or anywhere in between, the project will be executed with quality and integrity second to none.                    

Our performance begins and ends with process. Our diligence in admin, the distinctly qualified team that we have assembled, and our unwavering attention to quality control is rivaled by few. ID+C possesses the ability to thoroughly discern project needs, from both a timeline and budget perspective. Our partners are vetted meticulously, not only on merit, but in process; their submissions are assessed to the highest standards throughout each phase of the project. Means, method and scope are examined prior to package acceptance, resulting in long term cost and time savings, and the ability to navigate the most complex challenges with the utmost of finesse.   



General Contracting

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive and coordinated approach in every step of the process, initiated with design, throughout planning construction, and into completion.

Construction management

ID+C ensures project completion in accordance with site safety compliance, and in strict accordance with contract documents.

DESIGn + Build

Our expertise lies in our ability to execute each project with efficiency and precision. ID+C utilizes a unique Floor Template System that expedites progress at no expense to quality.


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C: 917-547-1728     O: 631-335-8268

142 West 57th Street, New York, NY, USA

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